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Protecting the Rights of Oklahoma Employees for 30 Years.

Do you want an impersonal law firm to represent you in your employment law case? Or do you want a law firm who knows what you have been through and who will fight tooth and nail to win your case? Boettcher & Lobaugh gives you personalized attention with a one-on-one relationship. You will always know where you stand and not be confused by being shuffled to non-lawyers. The law office of Boettcher & Lobaugh is here for YOU.

The law office of Boettcher & Lobaugh provides the exemplary quality legal representation, which comes with 30 years of experience focused on representing employees in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. While the experience, expertise and resources that is wielded on behalf of our clients is comparable to what you might expect from a big premier Oklahoma employment law firm, the other aspects of the attorney-client relationship that are offered to our clients is nothing like the typical “big law firm experience.” At the Tulsa-based employment law office of Boettcher & Lobaugh practice is limited to the representation of employees in all types of employment law issues and disputes including, but not limited to, the following:

The Experience of Boettcher & Lobaugh

The 30 years of experience focused almost exclusively on the employees’ side of employment law claims throughout Oklahoma is only part of our story. What makes our clients’ experiences unique is the personalized one-on-one attention that we provide to our clients. Our clients are not file numbers or pending cases; they are ordinary folks - our neighbors, friends and community members – each as important as the next. Our business experience on both sides of the employment relationship means that our law firm brings an enlightened perspective, born of a fusion that comes from firsthand experience as both an employee and employer in diverse business settings.

Whether you have been wrongfully terminated, victimized by employment discrimination or subjected to unpaid overtime or non-compete issues, we bring diligence, experience and personalized attention that is based on a unique myriad of experiences.

We provide creative legal solutions and innovative strategies that are founded on a deep practical understanding of the motivations, needs and strategies of employers. In addition, we very much understand the stress and anxiety of an employee who cannot make the rent because of termination based on an unlawful basis like race, gender, national origin, disability, pregnancy, age, religion or sex.

In our law office of Boettcher & Lobaugh , we are devoted entirely to fighting for the rights of the working man. We do not represent employers who are large corporations or public entities. Our Tulsa employment law firm is devoted to providing big firm expertise with the personal feel of a small law firm.

The Tulsa based employment law firm of Boettcher & Lobaugh has represented hundreds of employees in courts throughout Oklahoma as well as federal courts in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas. If you have been subject to illegal discrimination or unfair treatment by your employer, the law office of Boettcher & Lobaugh is ready to represent you with skill, dedication and compassion.  Together we will explore your legal rights and options.


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